O. M. G.

WTH??  I just spent an hour trying to drop an online course I signed up for at a local college.  I signed up for Writing for Publication I thinking that it might provide some important information on how to go about getting my writing published.  Logical conclusion? No, apparently not.  For my $400 course fee, I get to troll the internet to see what I can find out on my own about the world of publishing.  WTH?  And not only that, I get to post what I find out for other people in my class to use as well.  OMG! I get it that you learn by doing, but I was under the impression that I might also get taught something or that my instructor, who claims to be a published writer, might share some of her experiences and insights into navigating the publishing world.  If I have to find out how to get my children’s story published on my own, I can do so without giving away $400 to the local Coconut College.  Thanks for your help.  alice-facepalm

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